How to Create Your Lash Box with Cartoon Design?

How to Create Your Lash Box with Cartoon Design?

With the development of the lash business, the lash box business is also becoming more and more popular on the market. As you know that lash box packaging can play an important role in lash protection and lash brand spread.

And here are more and more lash box styles on the lash market, and today I am going to share the magnetic lash box with the cute cartoon design.

What is the magnetic lash box?

Magnetic lash box wholesale is designed with magnets, and the magnetic lash box is created with a rigid style that can be folded or closed by the magnets.

It is really easy to close the box together, and the lash box is designed with magnets are safe and protective to save or store your lashes away from the bacteria outside, keeping your lashes inside clean and tidy all the time.

The magnetic lash box is also the luxurious lash box on the market, and the clients from all over the world like to buy the magnetic lash box packaging.

Custom magnetic lash box

The magnetic lash box can be customized according to your requirement, with your wanted elements in the following:

  • Size: You can choose your wanted length, width, and thickness for your lash box, and we have standard size for the lash box to save one pair of false eyelashes. And the customization is also supported if you need.
  • Specification: You can choose the magnetic lash box for only one pair of false lashes, and also for two pairs, three pairs, and more. We have different specifications for the lash boxes, such as the box for lashes and eyeliners together. Please feel free to contact us to get more detailed info about the lash box collection.
  • Style: Here we have many styles of the lash box, such as holographic lash box, acrylic lash box, rhinestone lash box, and many other styles.

Today, I am going to share with the magnetic lash box with cartoon style. Here also many different styles for cartoon design, and we can do the customization to print your cartoon template on the lash box packaging if you have your own design script.

Here we have some popular cartoon styles for you to choose from, and they are trending on the lash market. Let’s see them one by one, all of these lash boxes are from our clients.

Fashionable magnetic lash box with a crown lady

I do love these fashionable magnetic lash box with the crown lady, with long curly hair. And this magnetic lash box is designed for one pair of mink lashes, and you can also choose bigger size for two pairs of false eyelashes, or for more.

Here are many different colors for you to choose, and blue magnetic lash box, red magnetic lash box and organe one is the trending color, most clients like to choose these trending colors for their lashes.

You can the adorable has a crown or a fashionable bun hairstyle, please feel free to contact us to get this beautiful and luxury lash box if you are interested in it.

Magnetic lash box with cartoon girl design

cute girl with curly hair
cute girl with curly hair

It is really flexible for you to custom magnetic lash box, and we have many beautiful design templates to print on the lash box, and you can achieve your ideas on the lash box design. I will be happy to make your inspiring ideas come true and appear on the lash box, you know that the personalized lash box is really special and unique.

This is creational and innovative to get the custom lash box packaging with your favorite design template, which is helpful for you to display your lash brand, to attract more audience to get to know your lashes.

The beautiful lash box packaging with cute cartoon design are welcomed by womem and girls, and we are the professional lash vendor with the strong ability to design the lash box for you.

Magnetic lash box with cartoon logo

magnetic lash box with cartoon logo
magnetic lash box with cartoon logo

We also support logo customization, and we can print your lash logo using advanced 3D printing technology, and cartoon logo are popular for clients who have their own lash brand. And we have many beautiful eyelash logos, and we can provide you an eyelash logo for free to support your lash business.

Overall, the magnetic lash box withe cartoon design is really fashionable and cool, and please be free to contact us to get your favorite magnetic lash box!

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