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6 Factors You Have to Know About 3D Mink Lashes

With the development of the lash business, there are more and more types of false eyelashes appear in the market, and today I will share with you all about 3D mink lashes.

When it comes to the mink 3d lashes, here are 6 factors you have to know in the following.

What are 3D mink lashes?

what are 3d mink lashes

3D mink lashes are the mink lashes designed with the excellent 3D effect, with the good layered and dimensional effect, and mink 3d lashes can be designed with different styles, including different lengths, thicknesses, curls, and also colors.

3D mink lashes are designed to combine different lengths together in one pair of mink hair lashes, like the cluster. Mink lashes 3D can help you create a stunning eye makeup look to be natural and cool.

You can read this blog to know more about 3D mink lashes.

What is the difference between 3d and faux mink lashes?

3d and faux mink lashes

Here are many different types of mink lashes on the market, and you know more about lash types here.

3D mink lashes are made of the real mink fur, we collect the mink fur from the back and tail of the minks, using the brush to comb the falling mink hair friendly, without any harms to the minks.

So the material of the mink lashes is real mink fur, but the faux mink is different, which is a man-made plastic material, with a similar texture of the mink fur.

So mink 3D lashes and faux mink lashes, are entirely different, mink lashes are naturally made of real mink, but faux mink lashes aren’t.

How much are 3d mink lashes?

how much are 3d mink lashes
how much are 3d mink lashes

Here 3D mink lashes have the price with the range from 2$ – 5$, based on the quality of the mink fur material. If you want to get 3d mink lashes wholesale for you to start your lash business, the prices of the 3D mink lashes will be much cheaper.

What’s more, 3D mink lashes are 100% hand-made, so the price of the 3d mink fur lashes is much more expensive than plastic false lashes.

Because of the difference between the raw material, and the cost of labor, and you can reuse the 3D mink lashes for 25 times approximately if you can protect them well.

In a long run, it is much more cost-efficient to buy 3D mink lashes rather than faux lashes.

How much do 3D mink lashes cost?Most 3D Mink Lashes cost 2.5usd to 8usd each pair and you can feel the difference between the price. and if you buy lashes which are under 2 usd, you may buy faux mink lashes ,and other material lashes.

Where to buy 3d mink lashes?

where to buy 3d mink lashes
where to buy 3d mink lashes

Because of the pandemic, more and more people have to stay at home, where I can share with you some tips about how to buy 3D mink lashes.

  • Search on Google: Yes, you can search the keyword “3d mink lashes”, “mink lashes 3d”, “3d lashes mink” and so on, you can change many search terms related to the “3d mink lashes”, and then you will find so much information about the store, shop, and website about 3D mink lashes.
  • Google Map: Here are many shops on Google map, something cool is that you can see the real lash shop and what they look like, and you can see the mink lash reviews left by their client, and you can make a choice.
  • Ask your friends: Yes, your friends will be happy to share with your their experience about mink lashes.

And more, if you want to know more about the places you can buy mink lashes, please be free to contact me, I will give you my best plan about where to get false eyelashes.

Where can I buy 3D mink lashes cheap

Cool, everyone is interested in the prices, that’s good. Here we are the professional lash manufacturer, providing top-rated mink lashes for you, no matter why you buy 3D mink lashes, for yourself, or your clients or you want to start a lash business.

We have over 1000 different types of mink lashes, including different lengths, thicknesses, curls, and colors, you will find the ones you really like.

We have ready-to-ship mink lashes, so you can get your favorite lashes quickly, and also our prices are much cheaper, without limit of MOQ because we have our own lash factory and lash warehouse.

If you want to know more info about us, pleased to contact us now!

How to apply 3d mink lashes

how to apply 3d mink lashes
how to apply 3d mink lashes

Here is the tutorial to tell you how to apply mink lashes, step by step.

Step 1: Measure the length of the 3d mink lashes

The first thing is to measure the length of the mink lashes, you need to choose the mink lashes with the proper length to fit your eyes well, not too long or too short. You can pin the mink lashes to your eyelids to know the size for yourself, and then you can use the scissors to cut off the extra length of the lashes.

Step 2: Remove the extra lash glue

As we all know that the lash workers like to apply a little lash glue before putting the mink lashes on the transparent lash tray to keep them in a good shape. So we have to remove the extra lash glue before wearing the mink lashes.

Step 3: Curl the lashes

And then you can curl the mink lashes a little big using fingers to make mink lashes naturally curly, also it’s also the good way to make the mink lashes to fit your eye shape.

Step 4: Apply the lash glue

It’s time to apply the lash glue to the lash band, you can use your finger to hold the side of the lash band at the top of your tweezers or eyelash applicators. Apply a thin layer of the lash glue to your mink lashes band and keep them dry for about 15 to 20 seconds.

Please apply the lash glue little by little to make sure that the lash glue can become sticky. Not too much at the beginning, because removing the lash glue may do damage to your mink lashes if you are rude.

Step 5: Apply mascara and eyeliner

It’s optional to apply the mascara and eyeliner, you can choose to apply a coat of mascara and eyeliner to your natural lash lines if you want to make your eye makeup look dramatic and fuffy.

Depending on you if you do or not, but please don’t apply the mascara and eyeliner directly to the mink lashes, because the substance of the mascara and eyeliner is not so friendly to the mink lashes, and also it’s quite difficult to clean the mink lashes with so much mascara and eyeliner on them.

Step 6: Apply mink lashes

And now it’s the time to apply the mink lashes, you can hold the mind part of the lash band using the tweezers, and then apply the lash land to your natural lash line. And then press the mink lashes gently to bandage the mink lashes to your natural lashes together, so that makes them blend well.


Overall, 3D mink lashes are becoming more and more popular, and if you have any questions about 3d mink lashes, welcome to leave the comment below.

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3D Mink Lashes


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