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28mm Mink Lashes

Zara Lashes is a wholesale 28mm mink lashes vendor in the market.
It belongs to HeyMe Beauty Group. We have been in this line for more than ten years. In the past ten years, we help lots of customers to start their business.
Now we have CE certification, MSDS certification, FDA certification, and TUV inspection certification. Under our strict quality control, our eyelash is different from others, we are more soft and natural. Besides, we also can customize eyelash style according to your eye shape or face shape.
With us your money is safe, your business is safe!

how to make mink lashes
how to make mink lashes

Below are some styles of mink lashes for reference, welcome your order, we have confidence we can help you win the market.

28mm mink lashes
28mm Mink Lahses

The style 28mm mink lashes all is our design idea, and we also use the best material Siberian mink fur, and the mink lashes all handmade, so we do the best quality mink lashes, we will also update the mink lashes style. If you wanna mink strip lashes please contact us.

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