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mink lashes

Our real mink fur eyelashes have various styles for your choose.All of the mink fur eyelashes are made by the sterilized cruelty free mink hairs .Each lash is cotton bands that is very soft,light but keeps curl for more than one year.The real mink eyelashes can used up to 25-30 times with care.And the invisible bands and your customized styles are both available.And delivery time usually is about 3~5 working days.

25mm mink lashes

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  1. Hi! I’m staring my lash line and i’m in need of a vendor! please is you could send any samples that would be amazing!

  2. Hi my name is Ashley , and I’ve been wanting to start my own lash line but needing to guidance and help to get me to where I need to be. If you can help me out it would be highly appreciated !!


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